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Are you looking for an MLM lead generation system?

well, you came to the right place…

One of the important keys, if you want to turn your business into a profitable one, is using a lead generation system.

let me explain why and how it works.

Two years ago, after struggling for months in my home business, I started to search the internet for a way to generate leads that would help me to get more subscribers and sales.

It was clear to me That I would not be able to grow my business if I didn´t start to generate LEADS.

If you want to be successful in the mlm industry, you need a system that provides you with high-quality leads every day.

So, the question I had at that moment “where to get a system that would provide me with these high-quality leads”

Normally if  you want to capture leads you need a capture page, autoresponder and an offer witch  attract people,

in most cases a “FREE offer” will attract people immediately With free offer I mean a free training video or e-book .

Well, if your new to Network marketing you problaby don`t have the slightest idea what kind of training or e-book you should offer. There are a few awsome systems out there that provide you with all that I mentioned above and the best thing is I`m using a few of them with a lot of success.

But I will come back later to that.

Let`s have a look…

I know and You know that the only way to build an MLM business is if people trust you. If they thrust you,  they will subscribe to your MLM or buy a product that you offer.

How do you gain their trust?

With providing them with helpful information that help them to build their business.

So you have to gain trust from people you don´t know. But what is the best way to that? Branding yourself is the answer..

I understand that`s difficult if you don`t know how to do that, because nobody showed you.

So let`s have a closer look

You need to talk at least to 20 people a day will you want to grow your business fast. So that means, you need to generate 20 or more leads a day.

The reason is simple you will get at least 19 or 20 NO`s a day just one or two persons out of every 20 will start eventually in your business.

You want to talk with people that are interested in network marketing and not losing time talking to people that have no interest in your business.

What most people don`t know, is that you need to sponsor personally up to 100 people or more, to make your mlm business a profitable business.


Simple calculation, “Less then 3 % of all people your sponsor will build a business”, about 10% will sponsor a few people, and the rest will do nothing.

So now that we know these facts…

You also know now that this will not be an easy task

As I told you I found a few systems on the internet that generate not only leads, but provide me with training materials and tools that teached me how to BRAND myself and grow my business. Up to this date I generated more then 5000 leads and sponserd personally more than 150 people into my business.

And on top of that, the leads that don`t join my primary business are paying for my marketing efforts.

Isn`t that great?

Even if they don´t join my primary business, I still make a small commission on every person that decides to join MY lead generation system. Or maybe just wants to buy one of the training products that will help him or her to build their business.

Don´t forget there are loads of people out there struggling within their network marketing business or affiliate business, and want to know more how to market on social media like Google, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or YouTube.

You probably want to know now what magical lead generation programs I am using.

I personally use “POWER LEAD SYSTEM and MY LEAD SYSTEM PRO” I think that these two are the best mlm lead system`s on the market.

The POWER LEAD SYSTEM is a system that provides you with editeble capture pages web pages auto responder and e-mail campaigns all set up for you and it offers a great compensation plan too.

My lead System Pro is an attraction marketing system that provides you with the same things as the power lead system but has also special training by top marketers like Rob Fore, Ray Higdon, Diane Hochman, Michelle pescosolido etc.. they will theach you all about attraction marketing and how to brand yourself and how to use social media to generate leads and it offers a lot of products that you can resell with up to 100% commisions

But hey, don`t take my word for it.

Just try  one of these awsome systems for a month and I personally will show you My secret that led me to more than 150 sign ups in less then 6 months and how you can too. Just click on one of the two images to start generating leads…

photo                                                 my lead system pro

Don´t forget to like and share. Let me know what do you think of My lead generation system

Lot`s of success

Tony Peters

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